Argentium Silver Jewelry: An Overview

Most people want their accessories to look fine and shiny. Nowadays, silver became prominent and noticeable, especially in rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and watches. Many of these accessories consists of at least 92% silver and the rest are other materials that are combined to produce a durable product because generally, pure silver is malleable and soft that can be easily damaged. Because silver is so soft, different materials are combined and such handicraft requires features such as weaving and other elaborate design to have it durable and strong.

As the technology progresses, many experiments and studies were conducted to test and create products that are made of silver and that will last a life time. Argentium silver was discovered and developed recently by a professor, Peter Johns, of silver smithing at Middlesex University in England. This revolutionary new sterling silver has come to marketplace.

Argentium Silver Jewelry: An Overview

Regular or ordinary silver can accumulate fire scale, which means that when the material is heated, there is harsh chemical that builds up. The Argentium silver however, do not tarnish much because of low copper usage since it uses germanium. This property loves oxygen unlike copper, it will create stain. On the other hand, germanium bond forms a protective wall so that sulfide doesn’t have contact with the copper in the alloy and the chemical reaction that will allow the product to experience discolours will be prevented.

Most high quality sterling silver item is stamped with “quality or fineness mark” that designates the precious metal content of the jewelry. Sterling silver is the most common used for household and jewelry accessories because of its durability and beauty.

Care should be given to every accessory you have to prevent scratches and discolour. Avoid exposing it to chemicals that will damage your silver. Although, wearing your silver jewelry will help prevent tarnish from building up, regular cleaning will also help your silver accessories not become dull but it will keep its brightness and sparkle.