List Of Metal Jewelry Making Kit And Supplies

Making good jewelry needs different instruments and precious metals to come up with an excellent product and design. Jewelry may be made from a wide variety of materials and in most cultures; jewelry can be used as a status symbol. Even today, it is worn for personal adornment, prized possession, and protection, functional and artistic display. These accessories were made perfect because of the materials and instruments used. Below are the different metals-making tools and supplies that you will want to know:

List Of Metal Jewelry Making Kit And Supplies
  • Abrasive – it is used for jewelry polishing such as sanding disc, separating disc, and silicon polishing wheels, cartridge rolls, mandrels, diamond disc, and many more.
  • Burs – it is used by jewellers like flex shaft and it is customized for each particular job and used in removing metal in gemstone and diamond settings.
  • Drills – it is used for metal working and drilling process and can be attached to a dremel tool for high speed twist drill.
  • Engraving tools and supply – it is used to inscribe almost any metal or glass material.
  • Files – a kind of metal-working tool that is used to cut fine amount of materials and it has different shapes and sizes for a particular curve and design.
  • Flex shaft and hand pieces – these tools will allow you to change out accessories in a quick manner with just a momentary interruption in work and without using a wrench or pin.
  • Gauges – equipment or tools used to measure items of body piercing jewelry whether it is metal, wire, plastic or any form of material.
  • Hammers and mallets – they are handy jewelry tools that can be used to repair variety of jewelry and other metal projects. This equipment comes in different shapes and sizes according to its uses.
  • Magnifiers and loupes – it is used to see small details closely unlike the magnifying glass it has no attached handle.
List Of Metal Jewelry Making Kit And Supplies

There are still other tools and supplies that the jewellers use to create magnificent precious metal product and jewelry. You can gather many details of different kits and supply of jewelry by searching the Internet.